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Yaki Point Sunrise

Grand Canyon and Southern Arizona

After our winter experience in January photographing the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, we were looking forward to visiting again during the middle of August when the annual monsoon season brings intermittent but intense summer storms that carry with them the potential for thunder and lightning. This is also peak tourist season and much of the south rim can only be accessed by the park transit system. As the eastern auto-route was open, we decided to concentrate on the morning and evening locations that predictably cough up great sunrise and sunset landscapes. We weren’t disappointed as fluffy cumulonimbus clouds created incredible red skies. However, other than a single afternoon downpour, the expected monsoon weather had taken a hiatus leaving us mildly disappointed but enjoying familiar locations such as Lipan, Moran and Navajo Points. The highlight was sunrise at Yaki Point, a location we hadn’t previously visited.

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Bird, wildlife and natural landscape photography is an enjoyable and absorbing pastime. It is also an immense amount of fun! The advent of the digital camera and image enhancement software has had a significant impact on what was once the domain of professionals and serious amateurs. Today, it's an accessible and affordable hobby, no matter what the level of entry. If you are starting from scratch, as we did, you will soon discover...