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Aurora Borealis

British Columbia and the Yukon

After visiting Alaska and Texas in 2016, we decided to concentrate on locations that were closer to home. We were drawn to several that we heard housed spectacular scenery, specifically Wells Gray Provincial Park (for Helmcken Falls), Manning Provincial Park (for alpine vistas and night skies) and Whitehorse in the Yukon (for northern lights in the fall). We certainly weren’t disappointed although there was precious little in the way of birds and wildlife at any of the sites we visited.

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Bird, wildlife and natural landscape photography is an enjoyable and absorbing pastime. It is also an immense amount of fun! The advent of the digital camera and image enhancement software has had a significant impact on what was once the domain of professionals and serious amateurs. Today, it's an accessible and affordable hobby, no matter what the level of entry. If you are starting from scratch, as we did, you will soon discover...