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Helmcken Falls

British Columbia

This opening Gallery for 2018 contains a collage of eight images taken over two days at Helmcken Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia. To compensate for extreme light variance in the compositions, each image was bracketed plus and minus one and two stops. Generally the best three were merged using High Dynamic Range software (PhotomatixPro). The posted images attempt to give viewers different perspectives of the photographic potential of the falls in winter. This is a spectacular location about an hour from Clearwater. Although the snow pack was heavy and we used our 4X4, the road was in good condition, graded and sanded almost all the way. It's a must site in late February and one we highly recommend if the weather cooperates.

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Bird, wildlife and natural landscape photography is an enjoyable and absorbing pastime. It is also an immense amount of fun! The advent of the digital camera and image enhancement software has had a significant impact on what was once the domain of professionals and serious amateurs. Today, it's an accessible and affordable hobby, no matter what the level of entry. If you are starting from scratch, as we did, you will soon discover...