The images posted in our Galleries are intended to be shared. If you find any to your liking, please feel free to download and use them for whatever purpose with the proviso that their use conforms with the copyright rules governing Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported as described by Creative Commons in their Public License. We photograph for our personal enjoyment only and, with the specific exception of credit attribution, do not intend to sell or impede distribution of our output.

Each image in our Galleries contains embedded Metadata that provides the relevant author, equipment and field setting details. If you decide to download any of our images, please send us an email describing the intended use. We'll respond with some suggestions on how to appropriately word an attribution credit given your application. No matter what the intended use, our objective is to ensure each image is displayed to maximum advantage that will hopefully enhance your publication or artwork. As such, if you require a higher resolution image or more distinctive crop, please don't hesitate to ask.

The books we have developed try to encapsulate the best images from our Galleries for locations that focus on the major areas in which we have concentrated our photography interests. These books are also intended to be shared so feel free to download any that you may have an interest in.

Our Galleries display 399 distinct bird species in 512 images, including many that depict male, female and juvenile separately. There are 66 distinct animal species in 105 images, many of which also depict male, female, juvenile. Finally, there are 35 images of various insects, reptiles and amphibians that we couldn't help photographing as they usually popped up in front of us while we were focusing on something else. Use the Search feature to display all the Gallery images associated with the species you are looking for.