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We took up photography in late 2005 after deciding to wind down our careers and look toward a more relaxing semi-retirement. After months of anguishing research we became early adopters of Canon's initial plunge into digital photography. As we reside in a small agricultural community in the northern Okanagan valley of British Columbia, we have ready access to the outdoors in an area that hosts a broad spectrum of resident and migrant birdlife. What started as an interesting pastime soon became somewhat of an obsession, especially as we learned to attract birds to sets that we designed and photographed from a blind in our yard. As we progressed and became more confident behind the camera and in the digital darkroom, we decided to focus our attention on traveling to locations in western North America, targeting sites known for outstanding bird, wildlife and natural landscape photography.

Although we try to stay current with most technical aspects of not only operating a digital camera body but also post-processing images, it's a daunting task as technology has advanced at a frenetic pace over the past ten years. We are primarily self taught. As such, we started this website to help beginners get-up-to-speed quickly and hopefully avoid the mistakes that plagued most of our early field experience. We also made the decision to share our photography on the Web as it provided an opportunity to meet and interact with people.

To date, we have been featured in almost six hundred publications worldwide, including many magazine covers, text books, newspaper articles, interpretive signs and websites.